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Course description

This course is designed to help technicians in their brazing techniques. It covers the fundamentals of brazing and soldering. Technicians will learn the different applications of the new metals and their repair methods. Once technicians understand the variables that affect brazing quality, they will easily determine solutions to reduce overall metal joining costs. Know the operating principles of a MIG-MAG welding machine, its components, settings, calibration, maintenance and techniques for safe operation; perform sequential welding of steel sectional parts and spot welding. This course includes two parts: training and certification.

What you'll learn

  • Welding symbol introduction.
  • Common Welding Codes and Standards.
  • Welding Safety.
  • What Is Metal Brazing?
  • Different Methods of Brazing.
  • Successful Brazing Principles.
  • Brazing Joint Design.
  • Preparing the surface.
  • Brazing Filler Metals and Fluxes.
  • Properties Of Steel.
  • Copper Brazing – Uses & Advantages.
  • Overview Of Copper Brazing.
  • Copper Brazing Process.
  • Weld Area Preparation.
  • Brazing Process.
  • Cleaning after Brazing.
  • Properties of Strong Brazed Weld.
  • Braze Or Weld? Overview, Crucial Differences, And Head-To-Head Comparison. Good VS Poor Welds.
  • Evaluation and Certification.

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