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Course description

Know the physical properties of sheets and the characteristics of aluminum welding with the aluminum MIG process; Identify the components of a MIG welding machine and know the role of each component when welding aluminum; Identify, understand and set up a coil gun or non-coil gun welding machine for aluminum; Operate a coil gun or non-coil gun MIG welding machine. This course includes two parts: training and certification.

What you'll learn

  • Welding symbol introduction.
  • Common Welding Codes and Standards.
  • Welding Safety.
  • Metal Characteristic.
  • MIG Welding Machine.
  • Type of Gas and Gas Cylinder.
  • The MIG Gun.
  • The Ground Clamp.
  • Preparation Prior To Welding.
  • MIG Welder Settings.
  • Preparing The Metal.
  • Preparing The Equipment.
  • Selecting The Wire.
  • Arranging The Nozzle & Electrode Stickout.
  • How To Lay the First Bead.
  • How To MIG Weld.
  • Welding ways (push or pull).
  • Welding Positions.
  • Evaluation and Certification.

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