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The auto industry is changing at record speeds, with the use of new technology and new materials being used for the repair and maintenance of vehicles.  

Materials like steel are being increasingly replaced with aluminium alloys. They offer a lighter alternative to standard steel. As a result, they are perfect for body panels, engine blocks, and suspension components. The use of aluminium alloys reduces vehicle weight, improving fuel efficiency and handling. 

Filco has always been keen on keeping abreast of the latest technologies in the automotive industry. That’s why one of its core values is focusing on TRAINING in new technologies and materials and providing this to its customers so they can use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment safely and efficiently, ultimately helping them bring in more profits.



Since 2006, Filco has opened up training centers across the island of Montreal, namely Axalta and LAR training centers. In 2018, Filco opened up a third training center at its head office,

 Filco Academy. There, they host equipment such as computer-assisted frame and alignment machines, tire and balancing machines, and the latest welding equipment to keep up with industry trends.


In 2023, to cement their expertise in providing training in the industry, Filco obtained accreditation from the Commission des partenaires du Marché du Travail for the purposes of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.  

Filco Academy was also renamed ATRA (Automotive Technology & Repair Academy) to better reflect the expanding training demands in various areas of the auto industry.  



The ever-changing technology in welding equipment, as well as the need for formal welding instruction, prompted ATRA to respond by dedicating an even larger space to learning and practicing the art of repairing vehicles through welding.

This dedicated space allows technicians to get practical, hands-on training on welding techniques. Technicians learn these techniques, practice them, and then pass a test to obtain certification for welding. This accreditation is recognized by Certified Collision Care, Canada’s largest third-party OEM certification program. That implies that technicians who complete our courses will be officially recognized by major automakers, making your shop OEM certified.



“Certified Collision care enables both qualifying dealership and independent collision repair facilities to become certified and officially Recognized by leading Automakers. 

Your official Certification- Recognition is not just by one entity, but several, all participating in one efficient, cost-effective program creating exponential power to help turbo-charge your marketing and sales efforts. 

Certification and Recognition identifies and promotes collision repair facilities that have the right tools, equipment training and facilities necessary to repair vehicles back to manufacturer specifications. This program is critical to help ensure the vehicle fit, finish, durability, value and safety.” 

Excerpt from Certified Collision Care


Ultimately this brings in more cars to shops and increases the value of their business.

Incentives and financial benefits are available for achieving certification.

ATRA offers in-class theory and  hands-on practice courses leading to certification for welding, ADAS systems and measuring systems.


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