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The aluminum bay ensures the necessary isolation of aluminum vehicles in a body repair shop, which is vitally important for reasons of corrosion. This bay assists in reducing repair times considerably by cutting setup times for each working step during the repair of aluminum car bodies or aluminum components. Highly recommended for higher end vehicles.

Does not come with the car hoist.



  • Dimensions: 6m x 8m x 2.5m (H)
  • Enclosed room with 40mm polyurethane sandwich type panels (painted metal white inside & out)
  • (4) by-folding doors with airtight seals, tempered glass, including (1) side service door
  • (17) light fixtures “true day light” over 1.000 lux, total (68) T8 neon, 48”
  • (2) ventilators “spark proof” fans situated on the outside of the vestibule, to allow 4 air changes per hour as requested by the CSST (workman’s compensation in Québec)


**Custom sizes available with specification based off OE requirements**

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