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Model number: COOL-ME 2000 R
SKU: 100092

Automatic A/C station R134a
All functions are managed autonomously by the internal microprocessor board.
The perfect combination with the complete vehicle database makes the A/C station independent of any operator intervention.
Thanks to the spacious internal refrigerant gas storage tank, this is the ideal equipment for maintenance even on medium size systems, such as those on commercial vehicles and articulated trucks.
An automatic bleeder system for non-condensable gases at variable pressure, which uses the gas state equation, guarantees maximum cleaning of the gas itself in the refrigerant gas storage receiver.
The station also comes equipped standard with a printer which issues a complete report of the operations carried out.

Cool Me 2000-R offers an exclusive UNLIMITED GUARANTEE.

Pump made in Italy, designed and engineered to render the efficiency you need and want, offering:
– a real constant discharge performance over time;
– our “gas ballast” feature that eliminates oil contaminants;


Tank 20 kg – 24.5 liters
Compressor 12cc
Vacuum pump 142 l/m
Low noise < 55 db
Low energy 370 w