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Model number: P1
SKU: 100069

Specifically designed for water based paints.
After spraying your first base coat, simply open the ball valve supplied & let the system do the rest.
Dry the entire side of a car in just a few minutes.
The large volume of airflow provided covers an area of approximately 2’ (high) by 2’ (wide).
It’s also perfect for bumpers or small parts: just roll the system in the direction of the painted item and turn it on.
Each fan can produce over 6 000 w.c. of air @ 0 static pressure.
The portable pneumatic air fans is the best solution for fast drying & quick jobs.


100% explosion proof, 100% pneumatic, no electricity
requires only 40 psi
Fan blades 14’’ diameter & made of plastic, no rusting or spark
Motors are hermetically sealed to prevent any leakage in or out & drains less than 5CFM

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