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Model number: 100096

This lift features motors that are inter-connected mechanically by line shafting and bevel gear boxes in oil bath to ensure the perfect level of the platforms and balanced load on motors regardless of vehicle position.

Only one adjustment is made during the installation, never during operation as there are no parts subject to yielding or lengthening such as cables and load bearing chains

Motor protection by thermal relay is provided to prevent burning out in case of overloading or lack of one phase.

Two lifting screws in each column

Total safety:

– Main and safety nut assembly.

– Mechanical safety stop.

– Upper and lower limit switches.

– Safety micro-switch in case of main-nut failure.

– Bevel gears in oil bath.

– A safety switch automatically stops motion should the lift encounter

– Automatic lubrication of main and safety nuts and spindles is achieved by a plunger pump, one in each column, which ensures positive lubrication every time the lift is raised thus ensuring long life and smooth running.


Capacity 24 000 kg
Three Phases Motor 4×4
Platforms Length 8 000 mm
Platforms Width 700 mm
Total Width 3 840 mm
Total Length 9 010 mm
Distance between column 3 115 mm

Available capacity from 12 000 kg to 24 000 kg

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