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SKU: EXDB26472

This filter provides the ultimate intake protection. The pre-filter is a synthetic pad trapping larger particulate and protecting the final filter. The secondary filter features a progressively structured media with an adhesive dust binder to trap and hold dirt even in a vibration environment. The air exiting side of the filter consists of a reinforced scrim backing to guarantee zero fiber migration of particulate down to 5 micron and create a laminar flow in the paint booth. The media is heat sealed around a wire grid for support.

• Highest level of efficiency
• Reinforced Scrim Backing, Zero fiber migration
• Downdraft Diffusion Media, Laminar airflow
• Progressive Density Media, Excellent dust holding
• UL 900 Class 1 Rating, Self- extinguishing
• Self Sealing Panel

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Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 59.8 × 62.4 cm
Type of Equipment


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