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Scan 4 tires in 3 seconds!

FASTLIGN is a stand-alone system that checks the vehicle’s alignment in no time, without touching the wheels or the vehicle, measuring all four tires with laser technology and foolproof accuracy.


Optional add-on:

BODYGUARD Vehicle Damage Detection

Fully autonomous 360 degree cameras that capture the smallest scratches, dents, wheel damage, broken trim, lights and more. Then secures all data up to 1 year.


High definition cameras.
Laser technology; non-contact.
Automatically identifies license plate, VIN, year, make and model of vehicle and produces OEM specifications.
Comparison of scan results with OEM specifications.
Instant detailed report to share with your customer.
Accurate measurement within 3 seconds when a customer enters your service bay.
Reports available on a secure web application on your network.
Stores all daily traffic reports, time-stamped images, customer results reports and history.

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