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SKU: WBW30502

This Hi-Efficiency Waterborne filter is ideal for Waterbourne Paints.
It excels in arresting both liquid and powder coating overspray during applications.
The small pockets allow to hold up to five times more paint than conventional overspray arrestors, cutting filter changes by up to 80%.
The 3D “pockets” double the surface area so that it can capture and hold large quantities of overspray.

• Unique design holds up to 5 times more overspray
• Arrests Virtually All Overspray
• Excels at capturing particulate 2-5 micron in size, up to 10 micron in size
• Stable Airflow
• High capture rate before airflow restriction
• Longer Service Life
• Reduces filter changes thus lowers costs

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Weight 760.5 kg
Dimensions 475.8 × 54.6 × 72.8 cm

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