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Model number: 058842
SKU: 100133

Dedicated for various dent pulling and straightening body shop operations, the GYSPOT EXPERT 200 is a high spec machine able to deliver up to 5100A of power. The welding current and welding duration are set separately for a more accurate control of the impact to galvanise and particularly thin steel sheet.

Designed to be connected to a 200-240 V power source with a 30A slow blow fuse, the GYSPOT EXPERT 200 can be used in two different modes :
– A MANUAL mode, where the operative can independently set the welding current and welding time
to fit the requirements of a particular job/material thickness.
– A SYNERGIC mode :- The machine will use the GYS Expert Engineers recommended settings.

Simply select the tool to be used and the power is automatically set. Simply select the tool used and the power required for the thickness of the sheet.

For extra control, two welding operations are available :
– automatic operation: the Arc begins when the tool is in contact with the metal sheet.
– manual operation: the Arc begins when the tool is in contact with the metal sheet and the trigger is pressed


220V/1ph/30A (D)
Output Current: 5100A
Comes With:
-1 2m Pistol with Gachette
-1 Steel Complement Box
-1 3m Automatic Forming Handle
-1 Grounding 2m
8m Voltage Cable
Trolley not included