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Model number: 100107
SKU: 020948

Spot welder to meet Car Manufacturers requirements.
Equipped with 2 clamps C and X, (C1 and X1 arms included) providing more access possibilities to the car body
Single-sided gun included
Auto mode allowing the machine to recognize: steel type, sheet thickness, Panel bond presence and insulating material between HLE/THLE/
UHLE/Bore sheet-metal
7 modes available : Normal, Manual, Multi, Gysteel, Auto, Manufacturer and Energy.
Tracking : Recording Feature saves the characteristics of each welding spot performed to the SD card provided
Easy transfer of saved reports to PC.


220V 3ph
63 A (D) current input
Up to 12 500 A welding current
Clamping force of 550 daN at 8bar
Liquid cooled
Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent.

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