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Model number: 100105
SKU: 023550

‘- 80 mm of automatic opening capacity (20 mm at rest)

– Easy rotation of the arm in order to access hard to reach areas (200 mm of release).

– Clamp support and brass sole-arms for an optimal electrical contact.

– Modular concept of contacts in order to facilitate maintanance.

– Quick arm removal without use of tools thanks to double action feature.

– Automatic cooling connection.

– Remote controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation).

– Lockable Gyrosocope, ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body.

– Handle, lever and reversible clamp support (right or left).

– Clear labelling ensures Quick identification of each arm (G1, G2, etc).

– Multifunction gun : single-point, swaging , studs, bolts, washers,…


220V 3ph
60 A (D) current input
Up to 12 500 A welding current
Clamping force of 550 daN at 8bar
Liquid cooled
Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent.

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