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Vertical Platform Pantograph Lift – Unique design to lift  higher & faster

  • Flush or Surface Mounted
  • ALI Certified
  • Built in Pneumatic Rear Slip Plates
  • Superior structural strength provides longer life and more precise alignments
  • Multipiece boxed style runway structure will not flex or sag.
  • Precision levelling feature provides more accurate alignments – exclusive “volumetric” control maintains level to within les than 1/4” /5mm.
  • No electronic sensors are required on the lift or PLC/PC Board.
  • Designed for greater technician productivity – there are no obstructions between the runways or base frame.
  • Includes: 9,000 LB. (4.1T) Expandable (up to10’ wheel base) Lifting Tables

Optional Accessories

9,000lb. (4T) runway lifting tables with standard jacking beam rails provided.


Capacity: 10,000 lbs (4.5T) to 18,000 lb. (8.2T) (also available in 16,000lb.(7.3T and 12,000lb (5.5T)

Overall Length (Surface Mounted): 259.1”, 275.6” or 291.3”/ 6581mm, 7000.2 or7399mm

Overall Width: 87.4” to 98” / 2220mm to 2489.2mm

Raised Height: 81” / 2057mm

Maximum 4 wheel alignment: 185”, 197”or 205”/ 4699, 5004 or 5207mm

ISO Certifed Factory: Yes

Power Supply: 220 volt / 1ph / 60hz – 20amp


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