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Model number: MANTA
SKU: 100076

11 000lbs – 13 300lbs
Includes scissor lift, approach ramps, 4 sill clamps, 4 axle stands, Pulling tower and 4 Caster wheels.

No limits: repair any type of vehicle from the smallest car all the way up to SUV’s, Vans and Light trucks, including full frame vehicles.
Easily moved even with a vehicle mounted on it.

The only repair system flexible enough to allow user to work with any type of repair system from: EVO anchoring systems, electronic measuring systems & ready any time to be upgraded into a fully prestige OEM approved Jig Bench.



  • Aluminum Carrying Trolley now an optional purchase for extra storage of the truck adaptors and universal jig system


Length of 4.5m or 5.5m
10 Ton pulling arm
Width 1 000 mm
Minimum Height 290 mm
Maximum Height 1 500 mm
Can be installed Inground

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