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Model number: 100060

Stainless steel and vapour suction, ideal for washing spray guns stained with water-based paint with top results through:

Automatic wash with water – this is the first cycle to wash spray guns, paint containers, mixing rods and paint filters by means of nozzles connected to a diaphragm pump and a timer.

Manual washing with water – During this cycle a small pump and a nozzle suck the clean water from the drum located at the bottom of the machine. The brush connected to the clean water will be used to further rinse with clean water. An air gun then cleans and dries the guns and washed parts.

Separating the paint from the water: The stainless steel washing tank has an internal system that mixes the dirty water with flocculating powder. The water and coagulated colour deposits are then discharged by a valve in the pre filter and filter bag, where the solid particles are separated from the water particles. The filtered water can be re-used for washing.


Operation: pneumatic
Dimensions 450 x 660 x 1500 mm
Exhaust duct diameter 120 mm
Stainless steel tank capacity 50 L
Air pressure min. 6 – max 10 bar

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