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Model number: 100077

11 000-13 300 lbs

Includes scissor lift, approach ramps, 4 sill clamps, 4 axle stands, Pulling tower and 4 Caster wheels.

This bench combined with a special scissor action lift is mobile and inclinable on both ends. Its dimensions have been optimized to allow the maximum accessibility, both inside and outside the frame during all the repair processes. Its technical specifications enable the end-user to carry out re-alignment operations when repairing passenger cars, light commercial and off-road vehicles, whilst maintaining a comfortable working posture.

The frame is manufactured using a special high tensile steel box-section which is milled to ensure a precise positioning of the checking points. It can be fitted with one or more MURAENA pull posts positioned, even very close to each other.

Approach ramps and side runners, made of special steel, allow the loading on board of the vehicle without having to dismantle the basic equipment.



  • Aluminum Carrying Trolley now an optional purchase for extra storage of the truck adaptors and universal jig system



Length of 4.5m or 5.15m
10 Ton pulling arm
Width 1 000 mm
Minimum Height 290 mm
Maximum Height 1 500 mm
Can be installed Inground

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