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Model number: 100130
SKU: 048775

The GYSDUCTION AUTO is a powerful instantaneous induction heater. Ideal for car body repair,

mechanics and maintenance to:

– Remove all adhesives, logos, side moldings.

– Remove direct glazed windows without damaging the trim (rear window, rear quarter light, panoramic roof…).

– Remove stone guard protection and sealers.

– Release mechanical parts (bolts, screws, spark plug, injector…).

– Repair small dents on the car body without retouching the paint.

Power: 2400 W

Safety: Instant heating without flame.

Efficient: Only heats metal parts with accuracy whilst

protecting the adjacent parts (no need to remove engine parts).

Clean: Remove parts without using solvent.

Flexible Voltage: Power supply from 85 V to 265 V.


Power: 2 400 W
7 Kg

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