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Model number: SDDP-1
SKU: 100085

Semi downdraft aspirated system, air being evacuated from the front.
Light fixtures, with high efficiency electronic ballasts covered with laminated glass.
Insulated exhaust depurator, centrifugal ventilator.
High-efficiency ceiling filters.
Two stage exhaust disposable filters.
Recycle mode with gun triggered selection exhaust mode for Spray & recycle mode for prepping.
All hardware included.

Optional: cabinet, shelving and vacuums.

Single prep, double, triple, etc.
Custom sizes and models available


Electric control box 575V/3ph + 110V
Motor size 7.5 – 11 kw depending on model
Preferably to be combined with AMUFL air make-up unit and customized curtains all around.

Breathable air system available.

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