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Model number: 100137
SKU: 036871

The SPEEDLINER ARCPULL 200 is a complete dent pulling kit dedicated to Aluminium. The ARCPULL 200 welder is essential for the straightening of the various aluminium alloys in collision repair. This dent pulling station is designed to weld aluminium rings onto the body of the car to effectively repair all types of impact. Its innovative gun is equipped with high precision linear motor with digital control, which provides refined synergies.

Using SPEEDLINER, you will:

• Remove dents without disassembling vehicle fittings

• Repair without replace

• Reduce down-time

• Increase your margin

• Improve your profitability


110V/1ph/16A or 220V/1ph/16A
Aluminum Key Welding Option: Welding Steel Studs, Welding Aluminum Studs

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