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Model number: 100898

The all in one station which includes:

  • Mobile JIG Bench
  • Mechanical Pull Post
  • ADAS calibration system
  • Contact Evolution – electronic measuring system
  • Universal JIG
  • Automatic Wheel Aligner


  • Aluminum Carrying Trolley now an optional purchase for extra storage of the truck adaptors and universal jig system



6m (20′) Mobile Jig Bench for full structural repair

Lifting Capacity 6 000kg (13.300lbs)

Superior Working Height 1 800mm (5′ 90″)

Mobile on twin wheels with 11 000kg (24.250lbs) loading capacity

Drive over electronic measuring system (3D chassis under & upper body measuring)

Extra wide ramps for easy vehicle loading with hydraulic tilting features

16 Anchoring points with multiple chain attachments

Automatic Wheel Alignment test with easy targets and immediate alignment values

ADAS calibration & intelligent headlight adjustments

Single print out report with photographic evidence

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