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  • 7.5m x 5m x2.8m Downdraft ‘Drive-Thru’ Paint Booth SPRINTEK model with long glass doors and mechanical ventilation system on top of booth on a mezzanine.
  • The side of the booth has an optional 3-STAGE Norgreen air regulator kit and a Martech breathable air system ensuring that painters and workers work in the safest environment possible.
  • (1) single 25’ Semi-Downdraft Prep Station (SDDP-1) with roof-top AMU(Air Make Up unit)
  • (1) 7’ x 10’ Paint Mixing Room
  • Our customer also required cabinets at front and a 3-1 Stucchi vacuum system (air, vacuum & 110v plug). Top Notch!



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