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Looking for innovative products or simply want to upgrade your equipment? Planning to remodel your existing location or moving to a new location? Don’t know where to begin?

We offer turn-key operations and customizable designs from start to finish.

Let us design your shop layout in order to maximize efficiency, productivity and output.

Project management


To ensure your project is carried out successfully our team of dedicated employees are here to offer you:

    • Custom Layout designs and plans
    • Work procedures
    • Turn-key projects
    • Operating permits including Ministry of Environment (MOE Permits)

Technical support


Need part replacement? Your equipment not working? Need to trouble-shoot remotely?

Our team of dedicated employees are here to offer you:

    • Training
    • Technical expertise for your equipment
    • Consulting services for shop productivity and efficiency
    • Equipment after-sale servicing
    • Equipment relocation
    • Telephone orders (replacement parts)
    • Customer service
    • Remote assistance
    • Troubleshooting
    • On-line manuals
    • Software Updates
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